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strontium aluminate phosphorescent powder

Purple strontium aluminate phosphorescent glow powder pigment supplier

iSuoChem® purple phosphorescent pigment which is a kind of energy storage powder, is certificated by SGS, ISO17514, DIN67510 Part 1-4.

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Green luminescent powder for painting

Fluorescent Green coloring luminescent pigment manufacturer

Energy storage powder, iSuoChem® Luminous Pigment glows in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly. Certificates of SGS, ISO17514, DIN67510 Part 1-4 are available.

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fluorescent photoluminescent pigment

Photoluminescent blue-green ceramic glow in the dark pigment

iSuoChem® Fluorescent photoluminescent pigment glows blue-green color in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly.

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strontium aluminate glow powder for plastic

Wholesale Blue-green strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder

iSuoChem® glow in the dark powder glows blue-green light in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly.

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silver white mica powder for ink print

Fine rutile sterling mica base silver white pearl pigment manufacturer

REACH registration, SGS, ISO certification, low heavy metal content, 95%min color consistence, Malvern Particle size test, X-RITE color and brightness test, QUV test, to ensure good quality of pearlescent pigment.

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brass gold glitter powder

Wholesale ultra fine Copper gold craft glitter powder

iSuoChem® JS2102 copper gold glitter powder is cut in perfect hexagonal shape. The viewers can see the elegant and shining gold effect by applying this type of gold glitter powder. Here, various Gold glitter powder for your choice, Greenish gold, reddish gold, yellowish gold.

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Silver Sparkling glitter powder

Hexagon Sparkling silver bulk glitter powder

iSuoChem® YS1001 Silver Sparkling glitter powder conforms to SGS, REACH, OEKO-TEXT Standard 100, free formaldehyde, free bisphenol A, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, fashion colors, Various glitter powder for your choice.

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gold pearl pigment powder

Eco-friendly Bland satin gold pearl effect luster pigment powder

iSuoChem® Natural gold Pearl pigment offers you outstanding color saturation, Unique gold Effect, Brilliant luster, Water-based and solvent-based system compatible.

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Selection and problems of pearlescent pigments in decorative coating applications

Jan. 09,2024
Selection and problems of pearlescent pigments in decorative coating applications

1. Recommended pearlescent colors and particle sizes for decorative coatings:

A. Popular Pearl colors:

A-1. Pearlescent Silver and Pearlescent White

Pearlescent Silver White

Pearlescent silver and Pearlescent white: elegant pearl-like sparkle and luster, combined with transparency, showing royal-level exquisite fashion. No foreign ingredients, ensuring high purity, bright luster, high whiteness and stable color.

A-2. Pearlescent Gold

Pearlescent Gold

Pearlescent gold: silky, bright golden effect, rich color, injecting royal elegance into the design. Rich color and bright luster add gorgeous luster to a variety of materials.

A-3. Pearlescent Bronze

Pearlescent Bronze

Pearlescent Bronze: Compared with standard systems, the bronze/copper color series of Pearlescent Pigments can prepare bright solid color transparent systems without losing luster.

B. Popular particle size:

10-60um and 30-100um

Smaller particle sizes such as 10-60um can provide a more delicate, soft gloss effect that is low-key and luxurious, while particle sizes of 30-100um can produce a fuller, stronger metallic feel and enhance the brightness of the overall paint.

2. Problems that pearlescent can easily occur in decorative coatings
Question A: Pearlescent can easily cause severe orange peel or fall off in decorative paints. This is mainly caused by poor leveling of the paint or improper preparation of the substrate.
A. Add a leveling agent to improve the leveling properties of the paint so that it can flow and smooth better before film formation.
B. Clean the substrate, remove oil and dust on the surface of the substrate, and provide a good adhesion basis for the paint.
C. Appropriately reducing the content of the curing agent will help improve the orange peel phenomenon of the paint.

Question B: Sometimes, after using pearlescent pigments, its brightness will gradually decrease or even disappear. This is usually caused by the masking effect of the filler or improper bonding process.

A. When selecting fillers, try to avoid using white powdery substances such as titanium dioxide and barium sulfate that may obscure the brightness.

B. Adjust the amount of pearlescent powder added to avoid excessive addition, resulting in accumulation and matting, thereby losing the ideal brightness.

C. Choose appropriate bonding technology and avoid using bonding machines with excessive shearing force to prevent the pearlescent powder from being damaged by the machine and losing its brightness.

3. In addition to the common usage issues above, here are some other key factors and strategies to consider:
A. Mixing and matching of pearlescent pigments in coatings
Chemical or physical interactions may occur between different pearlescent pigments, or between pearlescent pigments and ordinary pigments, affecting the final effect. 

B. Effect relationship between substrate and pearlescent pigment
Different substrates have a significant impact on the gloss effect of pearlescent pigments.

C. Control of production process
The production processes such as dispersion, mixing and grinding of pearlescent pigments all have an impact on the final effect.

D. The trend of green environmental protection
Pearlescent pigment itself is a non-toxic inorganic pigment that will not be absorbed by the human body. During the production process, attention should be paid to the use of other additives and their environmental performance to ensure that they meet increasingly stringent environmental standards.

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