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  • Pearl Pigment

    Get Customized effect, variety of colors, quality consistence of pearl pigment from us with SGS, Full REACH Registration and ISO certification. All series of our pearl pigment are factory direct supply. iSuo Chem is the leading pearl pigment manufacturer in China.

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  • Glitter Powder

    We offer ISO, SGS, OEKO-Tex certified glitter with particle size 1/800" to 1/8", variety of colors and good solvent resistance! All series of our glitter powder are factory direct supply. iSuo Chem is the leading glitter powder manufacturer in China.

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  • Other pigment

    Glow in the dark pigment, Photochromic pigment, Thermochromic pigment, Water sensitive pigment, Chameleon pigment, Reflective material, Anti-fake pigment to Microcapsulated fragrance pigment has been covered in our Special effect pigment range. iSuo Chem is the leading special effect pigment manufacturer in China. Get factory direct supply here!

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  • Paint

  • Printing ink

    Printing ink
  • Plastics

  • Ceramics

  • Decoration

  • Cosmetics

Pearl pigment for vehicle paint
Special effect pigment for paint

iSuo Chem® offers you unique effect pigment for different paint such as exterior & interior wall paint, powder paint, industrial coating, coil coating, paint for automotive, motorcycle, leather, wood, plastic, electric appliance, etc.

Pearl pigment for printing wallpaper
Special effect pigment for printing ink

iSuo Chem® offers you various types of pigment suitable for both water-based and solvent-based printing ink. They are also suitable for different printing method such as screen printing, offset printing, gravure printing and flexography, etc.

Special effect pigment
Special effect pigment for plastics

iSuo Chem® effect pigment are suitable for all thermoplastic & thermosetting plastics. They can be selected for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding and casting film. You can see our effect pigment in automotive components, cosmetic packages, films, toys, daily products and so on.

effect pigment for ceramics
Special effect pigment for ceramics

iSuo Chem® effect pigment is widely used in ceramic glaze, enamel wares, glass and glassware decorations. Pearl pigment and glitter powder can be used as overglaze color. Thermochromic pigment is to be used in mug or ceramic wares and makes the color changing by temperature.

effect pigments for decoration
Special effect pigment for decorations

iSuo Chem® constantly creates new special effect pigments for decoration. You can decorate your house, office, your clothes, shoes, art crafts and purses with iSuo Chem® glitter powder, pearl pigment and luminous pigment.

Cosmetics Effect pigment
Special effect pigment for cosmetics

iSuo Chem® cosmetic grade pearl pigment is strictly following International regulation on chemistry, heavy metal and micro-biology. It is safe for human body and is able to enhance your beauty.

  • Strong R&D ability
    Strong R&D ability

    We have labs for R&D in China, Europe and USA. Our R&D team are creative and fashionable helping clients to lead the fashion trend. We can also customize the new effect that clients require.

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  • Color consistency control
    Color consistency control

    We developed over 100 colors in 15 years, and we kept 95%min color consistency from batch to batch. We make color drawdown for every new batch and compare with standard batch. All our QA team members are perfectionist and set strict demands on themselves.

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  • 15+ years industry experience
    15+ years industry experience

    The founder of iSuo Chem started pigment business from the year of 2000. We have rich experience in pigment industry. By supplying good pigment, iSuoChem helped 300+ clients from 60+ countries for 20+ industries to increase their product values and improve their sales.

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Company News
Good news: Our company has successfully moved to a new office

Dear partners, new and old customers, friends: We are pleased to inform you that our company has recently completed the renovation and relocation of the new office due to fast business development needs.  The new office address is: No.612 West Changjiangxi Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui, China 230031.  Thank new and old customers, partners and friends for their continued love! Welcome to our new office to guide visits! Hereby notified! Anhui i-Sourcing International Co.,Ltd PS:iSuo Chem is the manufacturer and exporter of pigment and resin. We are experienced and active in coating & printing industry since 2007.  We mainly develop our new business through several world famous B2B platforms. We have Alibaba site over 12 years, and Made-in-China site over 5 years.  Besides, we have our own official site as follows: www.schem.net which is mainly covering resins, additives, adhensives. www.ispigment.com which is mainly covering pearl pigment, glitter powder, luminous powder and some other special effect pigment. www.spiderbond.com which is mainly covering some different kinds of adhensives.


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