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strontium aluminate phosphorescent powder

Purple strontium aluminate phosphorescent glow powder pigment supplier

iSuoChem® purple phosphorescent pigment which is a kind of energy storage powder, is certificated by SGS, ISO17514, DIN67510 Part 1-4.

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Green luminescent powder for painting

Fluorescent Green coloring luminescent pigment manufacturer

Energy storage powder, iSuoChem® Luminous Pigment glows in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly. Certificates of SGS, ISO17514, DIN67510 Part 1-4 are available.

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fluorescent photoluminescent pigment

Photoluminescent blue-green ceramic glow in the dark pigment

iSuo Chem® Fluorescent photoluminescent pigment glows blue-green color in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly.

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rainbow glitter dust

China clear transparent white rainbow glitter dust supplier

iSuo Chem® rainbow glitter are brilliant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and high clear transparent. Our rainbow glitter dust conforms to SGS, free formaldehyde, Free BPA(free bisphenol A).

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strontium aluminate glow powder for plastic

Wholesale Blue-green strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder

iSuo Chem® glow in the dark powder glows blue-green light in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly.

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silver white mica powder for ink print

Fine rutile sterling mica base silver white pearl pigment manufacturer

REACH registration, SGS, ISO certification, low heavy metal content, 95%min color consistence, Malvern Particle size test, X-RITE color and brightness test, QUV test, to ensure good quality of pearlescent pigment.

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brass gold glitter powder

Wholesale ultra fine Copper gold craft glitter powder

iSuo Chem® JS2102 copper gold glitter powder is cut in perfect hexagonal shape. The viewers can see the elegant and shining gold effect by applying this type of gold glitter powder. Here, various Gold glitter powder for your choice, Greenish gold, reddish gold, yellowish gold.

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Silver Sparkling glitter powder

Hexagon Sparkling silver bulk glitter powder

iSuo Chem® YS1001 Silver Sparkling glitter powder conforms to SGS, REACH, OEKO-TEXT Standard 100, free formaldehyde, free bisphenol A, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, fashion colors, Various glitter powder for your choice.

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Pearlescent pigment for paint May. 24,2019

Pearlescent pigments have the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance; they are not self-igniting, non-combustible, non-conductive, excellent light resistance, weather resistance, water-insoluble and non-toxic.

At present, pearlescent pigments are widely used in coatings, plastics, inks, printing, cosmetics, automotive, toys, leather, rubber, and decorative arts. These fields are closely related to our lives.

Next, let's talk about why pearlescent pigments are used in paints and inks.

Pearlescent pigments are widely used in the coatings industry. They are easily dispersed evenly in the base slurry of the coatings, and have good wettability and no precipitation. Pearlescent coatings have better weatherability and light stability than other coatings, and are easy to maintain the glittering effect. It is suitable for decorative coatings, metal coatings, protective coatings and building materials coatings. It has the characteristics of low cost, scrub resistance and good pearlescence.

Whether it is a solvent-based coating or a water-based coating, if mica titanium is used, its function is not only to cover and decorate, but more importantly, it can improve the physicochemical properties of the coating, enhance chemical stability, improve hiding power, color reduction, and corrosion resistance. Sex, light and weather resistance, enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the film, prevent cracking or shedding, prevent UV and moisture transmission, and extend the life of the object. At the same time, it can also save materials and improve production efficiency.

For other application effects of pearlescent pigments, see you next article! If you want to know quickly, please contact us!



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