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new products
strontium aluminate phosphorescent powder

Purple strontium aluminate phosphorescent glow powder pigment supplier

iSuoChem® purple phosphorescent pigment which is a kind of energy storage powder, is certificated by SGS, ISO17514, DIN67510 Part 1-4.

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Green luminescent powder for painting

Fluorescent Green coloring luminescent pigment manufacturer

Energy storage powder, iSuoChem® Luminous Pigment glows in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly. Certificates of SGS, ISO17514, DIN67510 Part 1-4 are available.

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fluorescent photoluminescent pigment

Photoluminescent blue-green ceramic glow in the dark pigment

iSuoChem® Fluorescent photoluminescent pigment glows blue-green color in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly.

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strontium aluminate glow powder for plastic

Wholesale Blue-green strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder

iSuoChem® glow in the dark powder glows blue-green light in the dark after absorbing different visible light and can reuse repeatedly.

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silver white mica powder for ink print

Fine rutile sterling mica base silver white pearl pigment manufacturer

REACH registration, SGS, ISO certification, low heavy metal content, 95%min color consistence, Malvern Particle size test, X-RITE color and brightness test, QUV test, to ensure good quality of pearlescent pigment.

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Multichrome Pigment

iSuoChem Refractive Metal Color Shifting Multichrome Pigment

iSuoChem® Multichrome Pigments are a special type of pigment that have the property of changing color as light changes.

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Silver Sparkling glitter powder

Hexagon Sparkling silver bulk glitter powder

iSuoChem® YS1001 Silver Sparkling glitter powder conforms to SGS, REACH, OEKO-TEXT Standard 100, free formaldehyde, free bisphenol A, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, fashion colors, Various glitter powder for your choice.

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Optical Changeable lnk Pigment

Purple/kingfisher/Blue High Color Intensity Optical Changeable lnk Pigment

iSuoChem® HC17 Security Pigment is a kind of Optical Changeable lnk Pigment(OCIP), Optically Variable Pigment (OVP) and Optically Variable Magnetic Pigment (OVMP).

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Photochromic Powder | Buy Color Changing Pigment in the Sun

(Color card)-Photochromic Powder | Buy Color Changing Pigment in the Sun

main parameter :
  • brand:

  • Brand:

  • Appearance:

  • Particle Size:

  • Material:

    UV-sensitive microcapsules
  • Features:

    Color change
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iSuoChem® Photochromic pigment is a new product developed by micro-encapsulation technology. 

This type of Sun light sensitive photochromic pigment powder can change Color in Sunlight, and then change Back When Sunlight is Blocked

Color Card and Color list

Original Color Photochromic color Original Color
Photochromic color
Grey Purple red Lemon yellow Green
Orange yellow Deep purple Pink Violet
Blue Purple Emerald green Blue grey
MagentaA Purple blue Light purple Orange yellow
Rose pink Purple Yellow Red
Sky blue Green Light green Coffee


Average particle size: 3 microns; 3% moisture content; heat resistance: 225℃;

Good dispersion; good weather fastness.

Recommended usage amount:

A. Water-based ink/paint: 3%~30% W/W

B. Oil-based ink/ paint: 3%~30% W/W

C. Plastic injection/ extrusion: 0.2%~5% W/W


Tips: Loading instructions

5KG/Bag, 25kg/carton

Customized package or OEM labels are available. We have carton and fiber drum for your choice.


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